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June 26 2017

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first african-korean model han hyunmin.

han hyunmin (16, nigerian-korean) grew up in korea and has started to receive a lot of attention since his appearance during seoul fashion week. he has been working hard to defeat the racism that still exsist in the modeling industry (specifically in asian countries). he speaks fluent korean, and only korean and hopes to work in japan one day. han hyunmin cherishes his diversity from others in the asian modeling industry.

June 06 2017

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Ontario-based photographer Michael Davies timed this impressive shot of his friend Markus hurling a thermos of hot tea through the air yesterday in -40°C weather near Pangnirtung in Canada’s High Arctic.

the most elegant ‘fuck winter’ I’ve ever seen




please stop adding ‘there are two kinds of people’ and ‘that escalated quickly’ to text posts

there are two kinds of rapid escalation

well that peopled twicely

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I’ll always be proud.

[click the gifs for better quality ❤]

Decided to remake this for pride month!!! Happy pride, everyone 🌈 ❤

You’re all special. You’re all wonderful. You’re all valid. Be proud  ❤ ❤ ❤

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I actually enjoy imagining data analysts spying on my history and being like:

“sir she watched twelve youtube-poops in a row and fapped on some weirdass hentaï, which product should we try to sell her ?”

“*sigh* I dunno man just throw in another Pampers commercial she’s between 25 and 30 she HAS to click on it at some point”






Alien: So you’re saying that human brains sometimes just… malfunction? And see threats that aren’t really there?

Human: Yeah basically?

Alien: And then the human keeps living and doing things anyways???

Human: Yup

Alien: Woahhhhhh. Woahhhhh. Humans are badass.

Aliens would probably have fundamentally different responses to trauma than humans would, #like—their brains. would be so fundamentally different. at a basic chemical and structural level we’d have to relearn everything, #in this scenario the alien species is REALLY BAD at continuing to function with even a slightly impaired brain, #and deals with it with LOTS OF BABIES, #Oh yeah great grandpa died three years back when he got really surprised and WHAT DO YOU MEAN, #THAT A HUMAN GOT STABBED THROUGH THE HEAD AND CONTINUED TO LIVE I DON’T BELIEVE YOU THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, #I bet they are all pregnant all the time and when they randomly die the baby eats their way out of the corpse, #they are insectoid and look a lot like praying manti and they REALLY FREAK OUT THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS THE FIRST TIME IT HAPPENS, #there is a sort of generational memory that happens which is how they managed to develop tech at all being so fragile, #so when the creatures get depressed or homesick or manic and die it’s not like their human friends have lost them forever, #except for how it sort of is, (via @songofsunset)


‘so hey, that was a great funeral, cool outfits, always glad to learn more about your culture and stuff. So, when is she coming back?’

‘She—she’s not coming back’

‘Yeah, not as Megan, but when is her replacement coming back?’

‘We’re—not hiring anyone new for a couple weeks???’

‘no no no, you’re not getting what I’m saying—I want to ask her about that book she lent me—can I keep it for another week or two, or does her new version want it back?’

The humans stare at the alien and just. slowly start to figure out what the alien is saying. The alien shuffles nervously, their six spindly legs making a skritching noise that echoes in the cold chapel. Finally, the kindest of the humans takes the alien aside and—

‘hey. so. Us humans don’t come back when we die. Not like you do.’

‘what? No, but you clearly talk about reincarnation, and—’

‘Those are just stories, Six. When humans die, we’re gone. We don’t come back.’

The alien laughs ‘No, see, cuz that would mean that—that would mean. That Megan—Megan is—’ The alien cuts off the hissing noise that is their equivalent of a sob. ‘I have to go.’

The alien spends a week in their spaceship, the only place they can send communication to their Mother. When they come back, their carapace is a glistening new shade of red, and they’ve ended up as a different gender. When the lab adviser asks them how they are feeling about Megan—

‘Megan? Oh, yes, my previous version was very fond of Megan.’ The alien cocks their head, like a particularly thoughtful bird. ‘I suppose that I regret her loss. She was a valuable member of the team.’

The lab adviser lets this be—they are aliens after all. But later, when lab hours are done, the adviser notices Six double and triple-checking all the lab equipment, especially—well. The accident that took Megan will never happen again.

The book is never returned.

Okay to balance out the sadness, think about what would happen when a baby human is born. They’d be trying to talk to the little one like they’ve got a fully adult brain. Or why guys never seem to make copies of themselves. They’d be so confused about why the mom is still alive too, like “why did you make a new version of yourself if you lived through your broken arm last year? Why didn’t you make a copy then?”


I like how you think


Unfriendly, in your face reminder that there are straight trans people and they do not have to tell you they’re trans in order to be included in the community. See a “het couple” at pride?? Shut the fuck up about it. They could be bi, pan, trans, etc etc.

Asking someone to disclose if they’re trans is rude as fuck. Don’t do it. You are NOT entitled to know someone’s sexual orientation or assigned at birth gender.

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Thisssss !

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Words have meaning.


And yet director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who only indie movie (which had a budget of only 1.5 million) “will helm” the $180M Kong Skull Island. It doesn’t seem to be a gamble at all when men are given their big break. 

This is made even worse because one of Patty Jenkins indie films is a fucking Oscar winner! It’s a little film called Monster which won Charlize Theron the best actress Oscar. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

But sure, she’s the “gamble” in this equation. 


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huh. i go to the store, i see this oddly named massive $5 chocolate bar and decide to treat myself. turns out to be anti-slavery chocolate. coolio kinda day.

i bought one of these with like salted caramel and it was soooo good

where can I buy these


I never saw these until moving out to the PNW and they are the best option when you just want pure plain chocolate especially


Friendly reminder that asexuals, bisexuals and trans people absolutely get to celebrate pride month just as much as anyone else. It’s LGBTQIA+, not LG. This ain’t a fuckin electronics company.

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