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February 03 2018

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I’m dating a supervillian

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So I went for a quick walk to the corner store near me to pick up a couple of things. 

The person who owns the store is an older Muslim man. He’s always been nothing but friendly, to the point of letting me take the stuff I had planned to buy with the promise of paying him back once when my card didn’t work. 

Today I walked in and got my stuff, stepped up to the counter, and started to say hi. Then he turned around, motioned for me to wait a moment, and continued with what he was doing. It was only then I realized he was in the middle of his prayers. 

So I waited at the counter for a few minutes. Then he picked up his mat and put it away, came over, and gave me a free corny dog to thank me for my patience (and because we’re pals).

This is My America, or at least the way I want it to be.

Diversity. Acceptance. Friendship. And bonding over unhealthy fried food.

this is so amazing thank you

This is what America should be. Thank you for sharing this, it’s a nice reminder that there is still good in this world.



idk if men know this but

if you have to beg a girl into saying yes, it’s not consensual. if you make a girl feel bad for not wanting to have sex with you to the point where she says yes, it’s not consensual. if you have to trick a girl into saying yes, it’s not consensual.

so many fucking men in the comments saying “guess i haven’t ever had consensual sex then lol”

yeah. you haven’t, you rapist fucking creep

February 02 2018

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charming local werewolf loves his vamp bf who couldn’t wait and called him on the way to their meeting place. an accompaniment to this. 

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someone has waited their entire career to use this headline





I was scrolling through Twitch and found a steam of an old lady painting and chatting and it’s honestly the most wholesome thing

She wants to make it to 500 followers by the weekend so she can have a reason to celebrate and eat ice cream!

Everyone is so nice, this is so pure


tbh it’s been a long time since i’ve played a game with bonds as strong as the ones from ffxv like i beat the game 2 days ago and i’m still thinking about dem bois

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– Смотри: я сфинкс….

Can someone please translate this I feel like it’s important

“look: i’m a sphinx”


I mean, this shouldn’t be that high of a bar….

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r/zerocarb is my new favorite subreddit

new trend: scurvy

February 01 2018




whats that fighitng game character that swings its tentacles around all crazy like





ironed man

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profits apology for his joking middle finger is more sincere than xqc’s response to his racist ass remarks


some choice birdring and rascal lore

  • rascal addresses birdring as just “birdy” or “bird”, which nobody else fucking says but he does because he’s lazy and disrespectful
  • birdring spent eight hours on ‘getting over it’ and failed to complete it. rascal beat the entire game twice in two hours then texted birdring on stream to gloat about it (and called him on speakerphone when he didn’t respond)
  • birdring gets mad when they duo and rascal doesn’t instalock dps and then gets forced to fill as healer/tank. He considers it a throw
  • rascal: [walls birdring off as mei]
    birdring: Ok. I will report you
  • once rascal’s stream was lagging so he shut it down temporarily mid-round and while everyone waited for it to come back birdring (sitting next to him) liveblogged what was happening in his chat (”he’s 1v1ing tracer. hasn’t hit a single shot” “oh he just got headshot by mei! He’s so bad”). then rascal hit him and told him to stop and birdring immediately snitched to chat that he’d been assaulted
  • rascal thinks birdring is the world’s best tracer. BUT he always beats him in 1v1s
  • semi-related, one time rascal was eating fries and birdring walked past and stole one so rascal promptly invited him to a 1v1 and kicked his ass
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